Home Workouts That Triple Your Fat Loss With 19, 12 Or 4 Minute Training Sessions.  Do These Guys Think We Were Born Yesterday…?

So we’d all love to find a method that meant less time spent working out but getting better and faster results.  But getting that super-bod requires hard work, sweat and determination, we all know that, right?   So when we came across the Home Workout Revolution that proclaims to have the secret solution that will revolutionize the way you workout, the we have to admit that out ‘scam’ siren began wailing rather loudly!home workout revolution review Home Workout Revolution Review   Is Craig Ballantynes Program Good?

But never let it be said that we ‘dis’ a product without giving it a fair crack of the whip.  So we decided it was no less then out duty to get into bed with the Home Workout Revolution, and find out it really is all mouth and no trousers…

Read on to see exactly what we discovered.  It certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?

So, the Home Workout Revolution is a system whereby you can, surprise surprise, workout at home, with no need to purchase any expensive exercise equipment.  It allows you to workout using the latest in cutting edge fitness technology, that means you don’t need to sacrifice half your waking hours to boring cardio.  In fact, there is proven scientific evidence that this actually scuppers your fat burning efforts.

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Nope, what the Home Workout Revolution does is target fat loss in a completely different way, and reveals to you the ultimate way in which to ditch that unwanted lard…The program includes the following:

  • 51 Follow Along NO Equipment Home Workouts:  Easy, short workouts that use proven methods and the ‘Ultimate Fat Loss Key.’  It’s this key that is the core of the program, and the reason that you can lose fat in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • The Home Workout Revolution Program Guide:  This is your 12 week schedule to success.  You literally press play, watch, workout, and head towards your fat loss goals.
  • The Home Workout Revolution Exercise Guide:  Here you get written descriptions and photos of each and every exercise.  But also, instructions on how you can combine this super fat loss program to work with any of your other favorite exercise regimes.
  • The Strength and Muscle Accelerator Workout Videos:  Three extra workout videos that help you build strength and muscle mass to give you that lean and sexy body that you so desire…
  • The Ultimate Fat Loss Key Nutrition Plan:  Because no exercise regime really works without providing your body with the correct fuel.
  • 4 Minute Metabolic Miracles and 6 Minute Six-Packers:  20 amazing short workouts that allow you take your training to the next level.  Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that short workouts can’t change your training regime to an incredible effect – and these workouts prove just that…

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Who is it for?

Much as we hate to say that workout program is suitable for anyone, we have to admit that the Home Workout Revolution is just that.  Male or female, fit or unfit, young or old, this baby can be tweaked and manipulated to literally create a personal program for your individual circumstances.

Whether you’re aim is simply to ditch that unwanted lard, or you need a reliable method to get rid of the extra fat and reveal those ripped muscles underneath, then this program will show you exactly the way to do this.  And even better, the results are fast – very fast!

Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Mr. Ballantyne is perhaps one of the most well known fitness trainers in the industry.  Creator of Turbulence Training, he’s also written a plethora of articles for some of the best fitness magazines, such  as Men’s Health, OxygenCraig Ballantyne Home Workout Revolution Review   Is Craig Ballantynes Program Good? and Maximum Fitness to name but a few.

His Advanced Turbulence Training Fat Loss Certification is a coveted qualification that many fitness trainers around the world work towards, and he’s always the first guy to be right up there, pushing the boundaries on fat loss and helping other to achieve their goals.  In fitness terms, Craig Ballantyne really is a guru that others turn to for advice and help.

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The Pros

  • Losing that dangerous belly fat not only makes you look great, but it provides you with way more energy, as well as having numerous beneficial aspects to your all-round health.
  • The Home Workout Revolution requires no exercise equipment, meaning you honestly can carry out the whole program in the comfort of your own home.
  • Results are fast – in fact, you can expect to begin to see a difference after just a few short days.
  • Because the workouts are short, it’s simple to be able to fit them around your daily life – no matter how busy you might be.
  • Once you’ve got the body you want, you’ll be able to finally wear those clothes you’ve always dreamed of, and not have to cover up those flabby embarrassing body parts ever again.

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The Cons

  • Well, the worst thing about getting the body of your dreams is the hammering your credit card’s going to take.  Because you’re going to have to purchase a whole new wardrobe because you current clothes will be hanging off you.  Plus you’re going to have to get used to attention from other people (especially the opposite sex), as no-one can help commenting on those with fit and sexy bodies…

The Bottom Line

So, we’ve come to the conclusion that we really do need to eat a large portion of humble pie, because the Home Workout Revolution really has blown us away.  Sure, you’re gonna have to put in the effort.  Sure, you’re gonna have to stay committed.  Sure, you’re gonna have to have willpower.  But if you can stick with the program, then it really will deliver the results that you’re hoping for…  All in the comfort of your own home.

The Home Workout Revolution really does exactly what it says in the title, and we for one are particularly impressed.  Well done guys, and thanks so much for providing a product that really is worth ever red cent…

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Home Workout Revolution is coming…

by admin on June 2, 2013

Craig Ballantyne has released his Home Workout Revolution program and I have put together a complete review of the program.8725565035 2ccb33167f m Home Workout Revolution is coming...

Before you decide to buy the program I recommend that you read my review because I go over the pros and cons of it so you can make an educated decision if it is right for you.

Craig’s programs are great but it may not be for everyone, that is why I recommend you see the review first and see what other people are saying about it.

I will have it posted in just a few days so make sure to swing back and check it out.